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Managed Kubernetes. Run on bare metal.

Cloud services with tenant separation for demanding workloads.

Features you will love about metalstack.cloud


Focus on your business and development needs - we take care of good cloud native services like Kubernetes. The components of our stack are always up-to-date and clusters scale with your demand.


Your data stays in the EU and our platform is fully compliant with DSGVO/GDPR. Tenants are strongly separated. If you want to enhance security further, you may bring your own key to encrypt your persistent storage. Our data center in Germany is ISO27001 certified.


The underlying technology, metal-stack.io, is completely open source and has been in use at a number of financial institutions for over two years.

Opinionated Kubernetes Cloud

We have chosen reasonable defaults for Kubernetes clusters that facilitate your start with a Kubernetes provider. metalstack.cloud runs on bare-metal. There are no bells and whistles: you automatically get a firewall, private networking and internet gateway.

Technology and software partners
"As a user of the underlying metalstack.cloud technology, we have been using the open-source project metal-stack very successfully in production since 2020. Today, we use it to manage a Kubernetes fleet of over 1000 servers in our data center."
— Gero Skopinski, Cloud Solutions FI-TS, 2023

With metalstack.cloud, Kubernetes can play out its strengths while reducing complexity.

We believe in the future of Kubernetes. With unparalleled performance and a strong focus on security, metalstack.cloud offers you the best of Kubernetes, but without the hassle.

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Bare metal as a service

Physical tenant separation

Nothing comes close to running Kubernetes on bare-metal in terms of performance, cost, and data security. metalstack.cloud provides you with Kubernetes on bare-metal servers, - minus the hassle. Start deploying your services in less than 10 minutes.

Unique lone tenant architecture

Kubernetes worker nodes are physical servers and dedicated to a single tenant. Feels like on-prem, but with the added benefits of the cloud.

Goodbye Meltdown, Farewell Spectre

Since you are the only tenant on a server, the risk of an attacker stealing your data when breaching another customer's services is severely reduced.

Access to Firewall and IDS Events

You have full access to firewall and IDS logs from your Kubernetes cluster.

Your infrastructure, simplified.

Managed Kubernetes

Focus on running your business, not your infrastructure. We help by managing your clusters for you. Your metal. Managed by us.

Designed with security in mind

Compliant by design

metalstack.cloud is based on the open-source software metal-stack, which is developed for regulated financial institutions. The focus here is on the highest possible security and compliance conformity. This makes metalstack.cloud perfect for running enterprise-grade container applications and provides your workloads with the highest possible performance.

Cloud Services Made in Germany
GDPR and DSGVO compliant

We take care of the DSGVO and GDPR compliant operation for you.

Physical tenant separation
ISO 27001 certified data-center
Developed and Hosted in Germany
Bring your own key

Also included

When choosing metalstack.cloud, you always benefit from the best-practices we selected to run your instances.

Firewall and IDS access
Internet gateway
Private IPs for all workers
Open Source base, no vendor lock-in
Highly available control plane
Easy billing and invoicing
Easy login through GitHub

Help and support

Documentation and Resources

Documentation and manuals at your fingertips. We have done everything to ensure that you can use our product without any problems. To this end, we have invested a lot of time in creating comprehensive documentation and additional resources.

Developer Documentation

Our developer documentation is made by developers for developers and provides you with the most important information about our product, API endpoints, implementation guides, and code examples. Just take a look and get started!

User Manual

Whether you need help setting up your payment method or have difficulties assigning IPs to a cluster, our user manual is available to you. It is designed to be easy to use.

Let's talk about your cloud journey.

Get to know metalstack.cloud and spin up a cluster to test our service. Alternatively, you can contact our team to schedule a demo!

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