Cloud flexibility for your own data center.

Streamline your infrastructure and deploy scalable cloud computing services in your data center with Metal Stack.
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Run K8s in your data center

Become your very own cloud provider

With on premises, you can deploy your private cloud without any vendor lock-in. Our entire stack is open source and can be audited at any time. High performance clusters with physical tenant separation help with compliance in highly regulated industries. And because it's fully API-driven, it can help lower DevOps and operational costs while offering high availability.

Comply with regulations

Originally built for the banking sector, our architecture deploys Kubernetes on bare metal, physically separating clusters on a machine to machine basis.

Reduce costs

API-based Kubernetes as a service cuts on manual DevOps tasks. Automatic version updates and plug-and-play server expansion help streamline operations.

State-of-the art computing

By dropping the hypervisor, you get about 5% more processing power and 20% faster network processing


Easy to deploy. Easier to use.

The stack is the same technology we used in our public cloud offering Bare metal Kubernetes clusters form the basis of your operations. Automated scaling and cluster configurations make operations easy. And Open Source never locks you into a proprietary solution.

Increased security by design

Tenant separation is at the heart of on prem - and allows data isolation between departments or business units.

Operational savings

Our modern stack is fully controllable via API, automates configurations, minimizes downtime and saves on maintenance costs.

First-class developer experience

Modern UI, CLI tools and excellent documentation mean that your team can focus on development.

Open source

Because the entire software stack is open source, you are never locked in to a vendor. Feel free to audit the software at any time.

Highest performance possible.

Run demanding workflows on a Kubernetes focused stack without virtualisation.

Plug and play scaling

Need more compute? Add new servers to provision even more clusters without any downtime.


What you need to get started.

Running your own data center is hard. With on prem, operations are simple. To get started, have a look at the following requirements.

Hard requirements

The following list of requirements is mandatory for a successful deployment in your on data center.

Public and private IPv4-Adresses

Integration with an authentication provider

EdgeCore Networking Switches

Network-OS SONiC

Know-How in Kubernetes, Golang, Ansible and BGP

CSI-compliant storage


The following list of recommendations are in production or have been verified by us.

GitLab for deployments

Supermicro server platform

Lightbitslabs storage solution

Dynamic routing with own AS

High-level overview

Project phases

This chart will outline the main phases of deploying on prem in your data center.

Building a team

Establishing shared knowledge and a decisive project team


Workshops with building use cases and tranings for your team.

Finding your configuration

Working towards your optimal hardware configuration.

Setting up your own private cloud

Configuration and development support to prepare for launch.

Maintenance and support

Always there for you, with our dedicated support and maintenance of your setup.

Success stories

Platforms and organizations using our stack.

Interested in running your own private cloud?

If you are a medium to large sized business and are interested in deploying on prem in your own data center, feel free to contact us.

Niklas Kripp

Niklas Kripp

Chief of Business Architecture